Foolproof blog traffic scheme

OK, I think I’ve figured out a foolproof blog traffic scheme. It’s really simple:

  1. Decide that a bunch of really successful bloggers are part of an insular, arrogant, and exclusive club
  2. Invent a term for the club (A-lister will do)
  3. Complain that the club of A-listers is not linking to you
  4. Assert that it’s all a conspiracy
  5. Link to the A-listers so that they’ll notice your puny existence
  6. Bask in the attention as all the A-listers link to you out of a guilty conscience and a need to show they’re still just one of the guys

Foolproof, isn’t it?

(Yes, this post is inspired by the tempest-in-a-teacup started by Seth Finkelstein. No, I’m not saying that this is what he did. If you want the article I did write in response to that issue, here it is: A-lister conspiracy theories and dreams of easy success.)


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  • Oh, please.

    My original comment was , I thought, in a very obscure post on another Z-lister’s blog.

    I didn’t invent the term A-list, it’s a common expression.

    Serious critics are concerned with social institutions, and “conspiracy” is a thought-stopper used to attack the critics.

    The point is not traffic by infamy. The point is that blogs don’t work very well for being effectively heard, since the system is as rife with an oligarchy of gatekeepers as previous media (the intense personal attacks on people who are disappointed by this, bespeaks more of a cult belief than any sort of real rebuttal).

  • I did. I noticed “No, I’m not saying that this is what he did”, but also “this post is inspired by the storm-in-a-teacup started by”. While you may not *mean* to say this, it’s very easy to get the *impression* that my repost of the obscure comment was the start of this discussion, and I was trolling for traffic. In fact, my repost was after the discussion had become prominent, and the original comment was certainly not positioned to get hits!

    Context matters, despite the offhand parenthetical disclaimer.

    Clarification: Nobody in the critical discussion invented the term A-list. Again, it’s a pre-existing term.

  • So, I’m curious, do sites like the one I just launched have any merit or work in any way, shape or form? I made this one for fun, just to really track the dynamics and traffic patterns of the people who stumble upon it and use it.

    The thought is that as more people find it, and link to it, its popularity will grow. As that happens, so too will the links to the people who made it grow in the first place.

    Am I off on this?