I write a column for Forbes as a Senior Contributor, and that has ethical obligations, which I’m declaring here. (This may not be fully inclusive, and Forbes may update their policies, so it could change.)

I never do pay for play and never take cash or other kinds of rewards for writing a story. (Good PR reps never suggest this, and I get offended when bad ones suggest it.)

Every story I write is something I select because I’m interested in it. I write about things I find intriguing and things I’m passionate about. If I ever do a story that mentions or quotes or references a client, I will fully disclose that fact in the story, as Forbes requires.

I run my own consultancy, Sparkplug9, through which I help clients with strategy, insight, research, (video) podcasting, and content marketing. Most of my clients are long-term clients and our work is more easily measured in years than months.

Current clients

I do enable some one-off consulting via my exclusive access NFT that gets buyers into my personal Slack channel.


  • I have a range of personal and business investments which are managed by an investment advisor and I do not have day-to-day (or even month-to-month) control over those investments.
  • I have two angel investments in startup tech companies:
    • Rapchat, a social music creation startup
    • Admix, a game monetization startup

$SMRT creator coin

I style myself as the “CEO of $SMRT” because I have a creator coin, $SMRT, on the Rally platform. I don’t shill it excessively, promise outrageous rewards, benefits, or massive growth with it, or reward $SMRT coin holders with publicity. My creator coin is something that helps people participate in what I do, get special insight, and get specific benefits.

The exclusive access NFT I mentioned above in the consulting section is created and managed via Rally.