Mobile Heroes Uncensored

mobile-heroes-uncensoredMobile Heroes Uncensored is a video podcast I do with co-host Peggy Anne Salz. It’s sponsored by Liftoff, a mobile advertising network. As the title suggests, it’s a funny (we try!) irreverent (not hard!) and insightful (occasionally!) chat with leading mobile growth experts about … growth on mobile.

Because we don’t take ourselves too seriously, multiple former guests have told us it was their best ever time on a podcast or stage. (And they don’t include my mom!)

You can check out Mobile Heroes Uncensored on YouTube, on Liftoff’s own Mobile Heroes page, and wherever podcasts are distributed, like Spotify and Google podcasts and many other podcasting platforms

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Be a guest on Mobile Heroes Uncensored

Peggy and I are always looking for smart, engaging, and insightful growth leaders to chat with on Mobile Heroes Uncensored. The show reaches thousands of growth marketers and brands via audio podcast distribution, YouTube videos, and features on Liftoff’s blog. The ideal guest is a mobile marketing expert with an opinion on current topics who’s not afraid of sharing it … and someone who likes to have some fun and doesn’t take him or herself too seriously!

Ping me on Twitter if you’re interested in being our guest!