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My fireside chat on adtech, martech, IoT, automation, AI, and smart rings with Oath (AOL+Yahoo)

Oath (former AOL+Yahoo) runs a regular fireside chat series with “leaders from across the ad industry” sharing their vision for the future. I was super-pumped to visit Oath’s amazing offices in Los Angeles to do the chat in their unbelievably well-equipped studios. (And yes, it’s the first time I’ve ever gotten my makeup done, professionally

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$31B, 1B orders, 180K Brands: Alibaba’s Epic 11.11 ‘Single’s Day’ Shopping Festival in China

180,000 brands sold more than $31 billion in product for the Chinese 11/11 shopping festival, often known as “single sticks day.” According to Alibaba, that totals more than one billion separate orders, all processed in less than 24 hours, and the total sold is up 27 percent from last year. 237 of those brands sold more than RMB100 million, or

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300B ads and 400M app installs say you just might be doing holiday marketing completely wrong

App marketers might be missing some of their best chances to acquire new users and customers by advertising at suboptimal times. Especially during peak holiday marketing seasons. The cost? Hundreds of millions in wasted ad dollars. And even more in lost potential revenue. Singular analyzed over a billion dollars in ad spend to learn when mobile

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257 Billion Ads, 58 Million Installs Say the Mobile Subscription Economy Is Booming as Costs Drop 50 Percent

It’s getting easier and cheaper to acquire new customers to your mobile subscription-based apps, according to a new study by Liftoff and Leanplum. How much cheaper? Think half price. And it’s not even a Black Friday sale. Last year the average cost of acquiring a new paying subscriber for your mobile-app-driven service was $162.22. Now

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Thank you, Ad Age

Ad Age just did a great print feature on marketers’ biggest fears: “WHAT SCARES ME RIGHT NOW … industry insiders on a world of rapid change, false moves, major hype, fake news and more … much more. Welcome to your nightmares.” It recently hit the website. Here’s what I said: What if we’re all idiots? What if everything

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Facebook Launches Attribution Tool For Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger (Finally)

This week Facebook finally launched Facebook Attribution after the tool had been in public beta for over a year. The new solution aggregates measurement across all your Facebook ecosystem ad campaigns: on Facebook itself, on Facebook’s hottest “new” ad platform, Instagram, on Messenger, and across Audience Network, Facebook’s infrastructure for extending your ad campaigns off of Facebook properties. Facebook

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what I do ...

live social, webinars

I speak on research, mobile, AR/MR/VR, futuretech, IoT, blockchain.

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marketing & martech

I help CMOs with strategy, positioning, martech, and designing for growth.

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I deliver compelling messages in memorable ways at live events.

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research & writing

I help brands uncover insights in data … and share them in compelling stories.

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I help startups say meaningful things that get heard.

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I help tech companies build data-driven research practices that drive effective content marketing.

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what people say about me ...

John provided great inspiration to our team ... his ability to talk about the future as if it was now challenged our team to think innovatively."

( Kurt Pregler, CIO, TransLink )

"I really enjoy working with John."

( Gadi Eliashiv, CEO, Singular )

"John is an engaging and charismatic speaker who delivers content that even the most successful app entrepreneurs can use."

( Steve Young, CEO, AppMasters )

"John is the type of person who finds a way to turn a can't into a can. He has tremendous energy and passion in helping others solve problems."

( Brad Kuik, President, K2 Performance Management )

"It has always been a pleasure to work with John. I can not remember a meeting with him where his trademarked laugh was not to be heard."

( Arie Veenendaal, Owner, KiK Associates )

"He really understood our brand and strategy as our business partner ..."

( Jieun Kim, Manager - Product Development, Disney )

"John is smart, business savvy, tech savvy, and has an inherent sense of social media that just blows me away."

( Aaron Hilton, President, Steampunk Digital )

"Extremely innovative and well read on the latest and greatest internet and mobile technologies ..."

( Angela Robert, cofounder and CEO of Conquer Mobile )

"Equally adept on both the strategic and tactical levels, which is rare."

( Nicolas Gaudreau, CMO at Groupe Dynamite )

"John is the "ne plus ultra" - the real deal of old-school journalism combined with a keenly analytical mind as well an encyclopedic knowledge of industry information."

( Jonathan Hirshon, Principal, Horizon Communications )

"His depth of vision for the mobile tech landscape is, I think, quite unparalleled by anyone else I've worked with."

( Scott Valentine, marketer, communications strategist, writer )

"He consistently produced awesome content (reports, articles, live presentations, webinars) leading to millions in new revenue."

( Aaron Golden, founder and CEO, Troospot )

"A lucid thinker and inspiring presenter ..."

( Georg Greve, CEO and President, Kolab Systems )

I'm putting together a new live video show. If you're interesting and awesome, ping me to get interviewed!