Hard is good

OK, it’s Seth Godin day at bizhack again. In case you’re not aware, it’s really, really good to have an incredibly hard job. Even when it sucks.

Here’s why:

. . . the fact that it’s difficult and unpredictable is the best thing that’s happened to you all day. Because if it were any other way, there’d be no profit in it. The reason people bother to go windsurfing is that the challenge makes it interesting. The driving force that gets people to pay a specialist is because their disease is unpredictable or hard to diagnose. The reason we’re here is to solve the hard problems.

The next time you’re tempted to vilify a particularly obnoxious customer or agency or search engine, realize that this failed interaction is the best thing that’s happened to you all day long. Without them, you’d be easily replaceable.

I knew there was a reason I keep bashing my head against the wall!

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