Stupid blog traffic scheme

Hmmm … no sooner had I written Foolproof Blog Traffic Scheme than this comes up: One million lonely bloggers

It’s a paid blog link site. Yup, you heard right: a paid blog link site.

Step right up, pay yer buck, get a link. (You can also become one of One Million Lonely Blogger’s “best friends” for an additional payment of only $50.)

This is wrong is so many ways. Let me list two:

  1. Paying for links? Come on, you’re supposed to beg like everyone else.
  2. Err, seriously, this distorts the whole more-links-to-more-valuable-stuff theory of the blogosphere (even more than imagine a-lister clubs)
  3. One link? One link won’t do anything. OK, if your blog is 1,234,567th in popularity on Technorati, one link might get you to 900,000. Hip hip hooray. That still sucks.

    (And you can’t fix it by buying 100 links, ’cause they’re all from one site, and Technorati wisely counts links from separate blogs as more important than multiple links from one blog.)

Yerch. The things people will do to make a buck (and get a link).

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