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growth-mastermindsGrowth Masterminds is a podcast I do for my client Singular, a marketing measurement company that has grown up in the mobile space.

Growth Masterminds is chats with global experts on mobile marketing, advertising, and growth on key issues like privacy, marketing strategy, incrementality, measurement, and more.

A quote from one of my favorite guests, from a conversation on losing the IDFA in a privacy-first world:

You’ll have to either very quickly regroup, which a lot of companies aren’t really good at that, or you’ll just die. You’ll be beaten by someone who’s more flexible.

– Eric Seufert

As a marketing measurement leader, Singular aggregates spend, measures performance, and enables growth for giants like Rovio, LinkedIn, Airbnb, and Twitter. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, or pick Spotify, Google, or pretty much any other major podcasting platform.

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Be a guest on Growth Masterminds

I’m always looking for smart, engaging, and insightful growth leaders to chat with on Growth Masterminds. The show reaches thousands of growth marketers and brands via audio podcast distribution, YouTube videos, and features on Singular’s blog. The ideal guest is a mobile marketing expert with an opinion on current topics who’s not afraid of sharing it!

Ping me on Twitter if you’re interested in guesting.