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John Koetsier

Why yes, this is me, speaking on-stage pre-pandemic

I am hard to get in touch with, but I am on Twitter multiple times daily, and @ messaging me works very well usually.

This is a generally good place to get in touch with me since I can limit spam.

If you’re pitching a story, check out what I typically include in my TechFirst with John Koetsier podcast. Those podcasts form the basis for most of my Forbes columns. I’m interested in innovation, AI, IoT, robotics, and consumer tech. Very occasionally I’ll do some adtech at Forbes as well.

If you are looking for me to consult with you, buy a quick consultation via my creator coin, $SMRT.

If you’re looking for something bigger, be aware that I’m busy, I’m not cheap, and most of my clients stick with me for months if not years. I haven’t done any business development or marketing for clients in a decade, and I plan on continuing that track record.