I tell stories with data. Here are a few of the specific services I provide:

Data-driven reports
I research and write significant data-driven reports that can be used for:

  • Awareness
  • Thought leadership
  • Lead generation
  • Social media
  • Executive speeches
  • Blog
  • PR
  • AR
Live event hosting
I host and MC live events of all sizes, from intimate executive gatherings to 1000+ attendee events.
Webinar hosting
I host and moderate webinars on tech, marketing, advertising, and other topics. This includes essential pre-work: who should be on the panel, what is the topic, what areas should we cover, and so on.
Live social
I host and MC live social videos on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (Periscope), and more. These can be casual and spontaneous, or planned, scheduled, and rehearsed.
I plan, host, and execute podcasts for myself and clients, often pairing them with live social streaming.
Blog thought leadership
I write extensively-researched thought leadership blog posts.
Visual case studies
I tell stories with pictures and data, visually showing how clients are succeeding with your software, solutions, and services.

Depending on needs and situations, I often build an integrated plan that incorporates multiple strategies. We usually starts with your data, and we may include surveying and interviewing. Once we have data, we can do long-form reports, short tactical extracts, supporting blog posts, and crafted social updates.

Startups, brands, enterprise

I help with branding and early story-telling for startups. As someone who’s written thousands of news articles and been pitched tens of thousands of times, I have a very good sense of when something is newsworthy, what is the most newsworthy part, and what might be missing from a press release.

How I work

I don’t do one-off consulting engagements, as these rarely provide the opportunity to make a significant and strategic impact. I generally do retainers, and most of my clients work with me for periods of years, not months.