CleverTap engage video podcast

clevertap-podcast-customer-engagement-retentionCleverTap engage is a podcast I do with co-host Peggy Anne Salz about the toughest challenge brands have: engaging and retaining customers.

We chat with the best CMOs on the planet from companies like IBM, Mastercard, Babbel, Clorox, and much more about what they’re doing to connect with customers, turn one-time purchases into long-term relationships, and beat the competition.

Just one quote from a guest:

“It is the brand which should be loyal to the consumers, not the other way around. And if you ask consumers, that’s exactly what they’ll say. So I think we got loyalty wrong … we expect that we are running loyalty programs to enable consumers to be loyal to us, but loyalty cannot be bought.”

– Mastercard CMO Raja Rajamannar

Sponsoring the show, as you might have guessed, is CleverTap, which helps more than 10,000 apps boost mobile engagement and unlock growth. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, or pick Spotify, Google, or pretty much any other major podcasting platform.)

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Here’s the CleverTap engage playlist on YouTube. Watch the intro episode, or click the hamburger menu at top right in the video to select the episode you want:

Be a guest on CleverTap engage

Peggy and I are always looking for smart, engaging, and insightful CMOs to guest on CleverTap engage. We’re looking for people with a unique story, uncommon insight, and a recognizable brand. The show already reaches tens of thousands on people on YouTube and audio podcast channels, and is only growing from here.

Ping me on Twitter if you’re interested in guesting!