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I speak at conferences, events, webinars, and meetups regularly. (And, yes, podcasts too!)

Typically, my topics include:

  • mobile, apps, mobile marketing
  • robotics/automation
  • IoT/smart home/ambient intelligence (all of which I call “smart matter“)
  • AI, voice assistants, bots
  • AR/VR/MR (or we could just say XR)
  • martech and adtech

Here’s an example of my public speaking: when I MC’d Postback for TUNE:

And this is a fireside chat with Oath, which is the former AOL + Yahoo (and is now called Verizon Media Group):

Oath Ad Platforms Fireside Chat with John Koestier, Singular from Oath on Vimeo.

I’m also a frequent webinar facilitator or panel member. When leading VentureBeat’s research division, I would often lead 2-3 webinars a month.

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Recent and upcoming speaking engagements

  • January 2, Mobile Groove Podcast
    Super-happy to join the amazing Peggy Anne Salz to talk about brands moving from tracking (adtech) to trust (smart matter/wearables/smarthome/IoT)
  • January 28-39, San Francisco: Singular
    RKO: speaking about comms, insights, and PR
  • February 13-14, San Francisco: Mobile Growth Summit
    I’ll be MC’ing day one of Mobile Growth Summit
  • February 27-28, Denmark: Schunk Expert Days
    I’ll be speaking about robotics and automation. Title: Insights from the future: the end of work and the next big job
  • March 3-5, Slovenia: City as a Lab Summit
    I’ll be moderating panels and interviewing major automotive brands on-stage about self-driving cars and other autonomous tech.
  • May 13, Las Vegas: Adobe’s Magento Imagine conference
    I’m moderating a session with AdWeek execs on ‘The 12 Rules Of Brand Digital Commerce.”
  • June 4, Napa, California: Singular’s UNIFY conference
    I’m MC’ing the conference and moderating a panel on marketing science.
  • June 17-19, Chicago: Salesforce’s Connections
    I’ll be hosting a fireside chat on the massive changes impacting mobility (the transportation kind) and mobility (the hold-in-your-hand kind).
  • August 7-8, Vancouver: Traction Conference
    I’ll be moderating two sessions at Traction again this year: one with the CTO of Red Hat, Chris Wright, and another with the president of Kabbage, Kathryn Petralia.
  • September 25-27, Barcelona: 10 for 10
  • October 3-4, San Francisco: BoxWorks 2019

Moderating a session on autonomous cars in Slovenia.

Speaking engagements in 2018:

  • April 5-6, Vancouver: CIMC
    A fireside chat with Microsoft Canada CMO Katia Houbiguian.
  • April 23-24, Moscow: Skolkovo Robotics Forum 2018
    Keynoted on “smart matter.”
  • May 14-15, Edmonton: Control, by the Canadian Cloud Council
    I will be interviewing Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec on-stage as well as moderating a panel.
  • May 17-19, Kingston, Jamaica: Visionaries Summit: Inclusive Capitalism
    I’ll be moderating a panel and reporting on the summit.
  • June 12-14, Chicago: Salesforce Connections
    I will be moderating a panel on values, brands, and how values marketing is resonating with audiences and customers.
  • July 19-20, Seattle: Postback
    It’s the mobile event of the summer! I’ll definitely be speaking, possibly moderating, and maybe MCing … as I did the past two years.
  • July 31, San Francisco: APIdays SF
    We’ll be talking about identity in an API world … a very relevant topic given our collective recent focus on privacy. I’ll be moderating the conference.
  • August 22, San Francisco: Transform
    I’ll be on a panel about AI and advertising.
  • September 26, Vancouver, LeaderLounge
    I’ll be speaking on leadership lessons, marketing challenges and career development.
  • October 23-24, Toronto, Achievers Customer Experience
    Will be judging the competition.
  • November 2, Salt Lake City, Adobe Analytics Challenge
    Will be judging the competition.
  • November 28, Vancouver, Prospera Leadership Forum
    Will be delivering a workshop on innovation and the future.
  • November 29-30, Jamaica, Tech Beach Retreat
    Will be moderating an AR/VR panel and speaking on digital marketing
  • December 11-12, Paris, APIdays Global
    Will be MC’ing a 2000-attendee conference

Agenda from a mobile developer roadshow event in SF, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

Speaking engagements in 2017:

  • February 27-29, San Diego: LSA17: Local Search Association
    I’ll be speaking on a panel at the Local Search Association in San Diego. Topic: Who owns the last mile, and I’ll has the happy task of telling local search pros that Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana just might be killing them.
  • March 16, Los Angeles: LA Influencer Event
    I’ll be moderating a discussion influencer marketing and mobile. See the livestream of the event here.
  • April 19-20: App Masters
    Will be sharing some very cool and very recent data on app store optimization, mobile ad fraud, and maybe even the impact of mobile on enterprise company valuations.
  • May 4: Mobile Presence
    Will be appearing on Peggy Anne Salz’ podcast. She’s the founder and CEO of Mobile Groove, a mobile and marketing-focused research and consulting firm.
  • May 7-9, Edmonton: Substance
    Will be interviewing the mayor of Edmonton, the CIO of City of Palo Alto, and the CEO of Citrix in the opening panel of the conference.
  • May 10-12, San Diego: Gartner Digital Media Conference
  • May 31-June 1: Traction Conference in Vancouver
    Will be moderating a panel.
  • July 5-7, secret location, AppLift conference
    Will be speaking on the future of app marketing and doing a panel on ad fraud
  • July 11, San Francisco, IOT Revolution Summit
    Keynoting and MC’ing
  • July 12, San Francisco, MobileBeat 2017
    Moderating a panel on AI and travel
  • July 19-21, Seattle: Postback 17 (use code FriendofJohn20 to get 20% off your ticket!)
    MCing TUNE’s mobile event of the summer. Join me!
  • August 1: Casual Connect Seattle
    Participating on a panel: “Monetizing your App with Mobile’s Most Powerful Ad Format”
  • September 13: App Valley (San Francisco)
    MCing the event, and keynoting on “Apps in Ten: Games, Vision, Intelligence”
  • September 14-15: Waterloo Innovation Summit
    I blogged the event as well as interviewed Tesla CTO JB Straubel and other luminaries, such as Amber Case, Melissa Hathaway, and Kik CEO Ted Livingstone on-camera for the event organizers.
  • November 6-10: Web Summit
    Covered the event.
  • November 30, Jamaica: TechBeach Retreat
    I spoke on an AR/VR panel.
  • February 7-8, San Francisco: Mobile Growth Summit
    I’ll be speaking on a panel about augmented reality.
  • February 13, San Francisco: Read-Write VIP dinners
    I will be hosting and facilitating several VIP dinners and events for Read-Write.
  • February 22, Kiev: The Elevate Conference
    Will be speaking at the event on how journalists choose their stories.

Conferences that I have spoken at in the past include:

  • LSA17
  • GamesBeat
  • MobileBeat
  • Mobile Summit
  • CMO Summit
  • Local Search Association
  • Mobile Marketing Association
  • CES
  • AdTech NY
  • AdWeek NYC
  • Postback
  • Interzone Vancouver
  • Meltwater event
  • Socialbakers
  • Mobile Marketing Roadshow
  • Grow Conference
  • GrowthBeat
  • FounderFuel
  • ZendCon

Moderating a session at Interzone with Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP; Jessie Adcock, chief digital officer, City of Vancouver; Ryan Holmes, CEO, Hootsuite; and Jackie Yeaney, SVP of Marketing and Strategy, Red Hat.

Contact me via one of the social networks at top right to book speaking, webinar, and panel opportunities. Note that my speaking fee is typically $2,500 plus expenses.

Videos, bio, and pic …

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John Koetsier is a journalist, analyst, and tech executive. He writes for Forbes and Inc, and is VP Insight for Singular. John built the VB Insight research division at VentureBeat, managed teams creating software for partners like Intel and Disney, and secured VC funding for his AR cloud startup, Genesis Reality. His current dual focus is fourth industrial revolution technologies, plus martech/adtech. In 2014, John was named to Folio’s top 100 of the media industry’s “most innovative entrepreneurs and market shaker-uppers.”

He lives near Vancouver, Canada with his family, where he coaches baseball and hockey, though not at the same time. He travels frequently to Seattle, Silicon Valley, New York, and other tech hubs around the world.

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