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Sponsor the TechFirst podcast to get your name and message in front of hundreds of thousands of influential followers and fans.

TechFirst is a video podcast, so there’s video on YouTube, audio on over a dozen podcast platforms, plus a full transcript on this website. Videos can get over 100,000 views; audio episodes hit up to 45,000 plays; transcripts get up to tens of thousands of reads.

When newsworthy, TechFirst also forms the basis of my columns at Forbes, but this is not guaranteed.

Sponsor one episode: 100 $SMRT (buy here)

What you get:

  • Audio podcast
    • I read your audio blurb during the show
    • Name, blurb, and link in show notes
  • Video podcast
    • Audio blurb during the show
    • Your logo shows on-screen while I read your blurb
    • Name, blurb, and link in show notes
  • Full transcript on JohnKoetsier.com
    • Audio and video files embedded in transcript
    • Your blurb written in the full transcript
    • Your logo shows on-screen in the transcript
    • Link to your website in the blurb

Sponsor a month of TechFirst: 750 $SMRT (buy here)

Get everything you’d get for the per-episode sponsorship, but add the ability to suggest a guest. The guest has to be on-brand for TechFirst, and must be approved post-purchase. (You can always ping me on Twitter¬†first to see if I’d be OK with your proposed guest.)

In addition, you get:

  • Get tagged as a sponsor on social media when I share the shows
    • Twitter (40K+ followers)
    • LinkedIn (20K connections)
    • Facebook (5K friends and followers, but note: I don’t share shows on Facebook as frequently)