Race through the forest: project management

I have a major apology to make to Timothy Johnson, author of Race Through the Forest: a Project Management Fable.

We’ve linked to each other’s blogs before – he’s got some great management and business insights – and he sent me a copy of his book about a month and a half ago. Unfortunately, I’ve been too embroiled in some major business process changes at work, and significant career choices in general to read it yet.

I will get to it, and I will review it, Timothy. Sorry! In the meantime, I note that it has some really good reviews at Amazon from some top-notch people. Impressive!

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[ update ]

Checking Timothy’s blog, it looks like this was Very Good Timing. Wow. That’s cool.

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  • Amazing out synchronicity works, isn’t it? John, thanks for the apology although totally unnecessary. Glad to hear you’ve been productive with your business and with your life. Will look forward to hearing your feedback and comments about the book.