New look blog

At risk of stating the obvious, bizhack has a whole new look today.

I wanted something simpler, something darker, and something a little more cutting-edge. Voila.

The highlights:

  • Web 2.0-ish look
    There is/isn’t a web 2.0. Yeah, I know. Web 2.0 has nothing to do with style or image. Yup, MySpace is proof of that. Still.

  • More economical layout
    More words fit on a page, while still being very legible and reader-friendly. Content starts higher up, so more is “above the fold.” The two-column design lends itself to more space for images in posts. And so on.

  • Google AdSense
    It’s ba-ack. I took AdWords off my blog way back when Google made its Dr. Evil moves to get into China. I still think Google did the wrong thing, but at least there are ways to get around it now. And I wanted to start generating some revenue again.

  • Now with less … of everything
    Blogs clutter up over time with Flickr badges, delicious links, and all kinds of extra schtuff that justs makes your page bigger, dependent on more servers being up and fast, and slower. Enough. Every blog needs a spring cleaning from time to time. Even when it’s fall.

  • More coming
    I’m not quite finished with my tweaking yet … more will be coming soon. (Thanks Phil for the tips!)

I’m using the fairly excellent Unsleepable theme built for WordPress. It’s a little more complicated than most themes, but I think the final result is not too shabby.

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