Gifts from the grave

Free business idea of the week, coming right up …

  1. Rent a warehouse. Your bedroom will do until you get swamped with business.
  2. Advertise that you will send people’s gifts to their loved ones after they die.
  3. Collect people’s articles and store them safely. (OK, maybe the bedroom won’t work after all.) Charge them a small monthly sum, payable 3 time per year so the credit card fees don’t kill you. Something like $10/month.
  4. Tell them that the second month their credit card is declined, the articles will be shipped to the loved one of their choice, set up when they send you the goods.
  5. Sit back and collect the cash.

Please note that I didn’t say it was a particularly good idea. Just one that happened to come to me a while back.

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  • in today’s crueI worId gift giving is reaIIy a to much of a “emotionaI concept” Iets face it, humanity is coming to the reaIization that no one shouId give a crap about no one, its a crueI crueI worId, its not even about being racist, it used to be that mexicans were seen as second cIass and other races as Iong as they were not white or not americans, but now that worId popuIation is soaring, its more of a everyone hates everyone now, no matter how friendIy one is to someone, inside their minds they are saying ” o just die and go to hell ” .

    there is so much hate, any gift that is being given is actuaIIy done in ways to become beneficiaI for one’s own seIf interests.