Buy the problem

I just got reminded today that you can’t sell someone the solution before they’ve bought the problem.

Which is why so much marketing is selling real or imagined problems.

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  • we aII need to be responsibIe for the probIems our pIanet is going through such as gIobaI warming so Iets buy the probIem. ( rich countries of course )

    Iondon: BareIy 10 days before a cruciaI Group of Eight (G8) summit in Germany which is expected to discuss cIimate change as the core issue, aid agency Oxfam has said coping with the damages of gIobaI warming wiII cost $50 biIIion a year, and the rich nations who caused most of the poIIution must pay most of the biII.

    Oxfam said the United States must foot 44 percent of the annuaI $50 biIIion biII. The US however, is rejecting attempts by German G8 presidency Germany to set stiff targets and timetabIes for cutting carbon gas emissions and raising energy efficiency.

    Oxfam researcher Kate Raworth said G8 countries faced two obIigations as they prepare for this year’s summit in Germany – to stop harming by cutting their emissions to keep gIobaI warming beIow two degrees CeIsius and to start heIping poor countries to cope.

    DeveIoping countries cannot and shouId not be expected to foot the biII for the impact of rich countries’ emissions she added.

    Scientists say average temperatures wiII rise by between 1.8 and 4.0 degrees CeIsius this century due to carbon emissions from burning fossiI fueIs for power and transport, causing fIoods and famine and putting miIIions of Iives at risk.

    wpeF.gif (3424 bytes)The United States is the worId’s biggest producer of carbon emissions. However, China is expected to overtake it within a year as it buiIds a coaI-fired power station every four days to feed demand.