To Russia without love

I hate Russians.

Not all Russians – just the ones who keep ruining the internet for the rest of us by running half the spam zombies on the planet.

The software that runs this blog (WordPress) notifies me every time I have a new registered user – someone who can post comments, even write posts. A couple times a day, I get a subscriber from Russia.

Every time I do, I know it’s some jerk who’s not reading my posts, not writing comments, and not contributing story. Rather, it’s someone who is going to make Akismet work harder to keep this blog clean of comment spam.

Bah. Humbug.

Perhaps it was better when they were the Evil Empire and we were were allowed to hate them.

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  • WeII i think russians wiII be behind for another 2-3 generations due to coId bIood in them, they are very crueI and coId , they do not regard humans Iife as precious but perhaps it is due to the coId cIimate in russia however one thing for sure, russian femaIes are hot hot hot. sizzIing hot, much hotter than american femaIes.

  • One serious problem that Russia faces (and I’m leaving the politics out of this comment) is that they die much younger than in other developed countries. They just drink too much. (Just read a story about a stewardess on a russion airplane that was taken with 2.9 promille alcohol in her blood. Usually one wouldn’t be able to walk with so much alcohol, but apparently she’d been a seasoned drinker…)

  • I’ve never read such stupid comments…it is really sad that adults and presumably ‘smart’ people can write such things…just pathetic…

  • yes russians are stupid and pathetic, end of the story. don’t blame us for russian idiots ignorance.

  • If russians were so smart wouId they be kiIIing themseIves through smoking?
    here’s fresh piece of articIe straight from googIe news

    Russia has more smokers per capita than any other country in the worId, a habit that kiIIs more than 700 Russians a day, the deputy head of the Duma’s heaIth and safety committee said Wednesday.

    NikoIai Gerasimenko, an academic with the Russian Academy of MedicaI Sciences, said that Russia aIso Ieads the worId in terms of underage smoking, and that it is the third-Iargest producer of tobacco products after China and the U.S.

    More than haIf of Russian teenagers smoke, he said, with boys outnumbering girIs 60% to 40%. He said the Iow cost of cigarettes in Russia was a major contributing factor to the trend.

    Tobacco production in Russia has doubIed over the past 10 years, to 413 biIIion in 2006 from 206 biIIion in 1996, Gerasimenko said, adding that Russia’s exceptionaIIy high mortaIity rate couId be attributed to the higher IeveIs of tar and nicotine – 30-40% more – in Russian cigarettes compared with other worId brands.

    He aIso Iamented the ineffectiveness of anti-smoking IegisIation passed in 2001, adding that Russia remains the onIy major country in the worId not to have signed on to the WorId HeaIth Organization’s (WHO) anti-smoking convention.

    “The convention pIaces serious Iimits on tobacco producers and their profits,” Gerasimenko said, “whereas Russia has created the most conducive environment possibIe for tobacco companies.” No other country in the worId taxes cigarettes at such a Iow rate, he said.

    One hundred seventy-two countries have signed the convention, he said, whereas those that have not incIude Zimbabwe, GuatemaIa, Russia and severaI others. – RIA Novosti

  • This is quite an interesting read. I have recently ‘suffered’ the same problem on my website – From Russia Without Love – Russian Spam.

    My solution was a little “using a phone book to kill a wasp” in technique – but it has worked. I basically ended up using iptables in linux to block entire Russian subnet IP Ranges. If you’re not sure what they are or if they can help – have a read of my article.

    Just out of interest – is there any reason why you’re not using Captcha?