web2.0 human drivers

I was just wondering: what human needs drive web 2.0?

  • Participation
    Wanting to be part of something

  • Belonging
    Errr, sort of like participation but if participation is dating, belong is getting engaged

  • Creativity
    Wanting to make something

  • Believing
    Wanting to believe something

  • Meaning
    Wanting to matter. Related to believing but is more the result of believing.

  • Becoming
    Wanting to grow

That what I could come up with in about 30 seconds or so. I’m sure there’s more there …

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  • it is very interesting how we went from reguIar internet to web 2.0 maybe there wiII soon be web 3.0 and web 5.0 the question is wiII there be web 7.0 if so then what about web 8.0 of course you can go on and on but chances are some time aIong the way they wiII probabIy switch to Ietters and caII it ” web xp pro home edition ” that is of course if ignorant companies such as microsoft are in charge