5 WordPress plugins I can’t live without

Plugins take a basic blog – even a wonderful WordPress blog – to the next level of interactivity and functionality.

Since I’m just in the process of updating my blog theme, I had to consider which plugins I was going to continue/stop/start using.

Here are the 5 WordPress plugins I can’t do without:

  1. Akismet
    Akismet is an extremely efficient comment spam killer … don’t even consider opening up comments to all comers without it.

  2. Related Posts
    Related posts gives you dynamic no-work linking to (usually) similar posts … very handy for showing visitos similar posts you’ve written in the past.

  3. Simpletags
    If Technorati integration is important to you, this is extremely no-brainer Technorati tags integration.

  4. Category cloud
    Category Cloug makes your category list tag cloudish … and the size of each category name is dynamically determined by the number of entries in that category. Very useful!

  5. WP-Notable
    WP-notable gives you auto-generated links to most common social bookmarking sites, so that visitors who use those services can very easily add them to their bookmarks, diggs, vine, etc.

There are others I may use, but those are the core.

What are your core plugins?

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