Will Technorati ever come back up?

Technorati has now been down, on and off, for the past two days. Unbelievable.

I remember begging Google to buy Technorati almost a year ago because of ongoing technical issues … and this has not changed.

The service Technorati promises is so great – its actual delivery is so incredibly buggy.

What do they have to do to make it right?

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[ update ]

What I don’t understand is that Technorati has a blog … which is almost never updated with information on what’s going on. It’s like they think nobody notices that they’re down.

The second-last post is from 23 or 24 days ago, and it’s about how nice people are to Technorati. Umm … whatever.

Besides the irony of a company that absolutely lives off the blogosphere only updating its own blog every month or so, why not tell us what’s going on? Why is the service down? What is the problem?

And why does David Sifry still have a job if he:

  1. can’t put a service together that works with reasonable (not perfect, but reasonable) consistency
  2. can’t tell the people who depend on his service what’s going on

It’s beyond me.

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  • I couldn’t agree more. It’s either down or slow as molasses. The ads appear to ke killer. Can’t move off the home page until the ad has run its loop. Love Technorati, disappointed in the performance!

  • Do you hear that sound…thousands of bloggers and millions of readers cursing day two of Technorati page load delays.

    Now hear that other sound…thousands of keyboards (mine included) stripping away Technorati scrips from their blogs. How many will put the code back?

    At what point is a downed website obligated to put up a splash page or something (press release?) to let people know what is going on?

    I don’t mean to be hard on them, I’m sure they are great people…I’m just curious what’s up. There should be a clearinghouse type website for people to report and comment on major website outages. I’ve looked and can’t find anything.

  • Hey Leo,

    The ads are driving me nuts too, especially those Oddpal sitecast flash ads.

    But I think Technorati’s major problem is that almost all of its pages require huge numbers of database queries … when members visit the home page, your stats are there, your blogs, the latest blog entries from your favorited blogs, and so on.

    To have a more reliable service, I think they should do a little less: have more static, non-personalized pages.

  • I’ve given up put the scrip into my weblog posts for Technorati. Using Word Press, I noticed that Technorati only picks up on the category and ignores the Tags, so what’s the point?

    I made sure that Technorati know about this bug – and WordPress too – but the post I made was linked to Liz Dunn’s weblog entry for all of one day and has now disappeared completely. That means, to my way of thinking, that nothing will happen. The Tags remain out of my weblog now, I just cannot be bothered.

  • @John Koetsier:
    The inability to write scalable applications should not result in less features for the user. Especially when a feature has been already introduced, it is not good to step down – “Hey, we saved 3 microseconds, but you don’t get what you came here for anymore.”.

    Maybe Technorati needs to hire more knowledgable manpower for the job.