7 things to do when prepping a new blog theme

I don’t know if I’m like the cobbler’s kid, who never gets new shoes, or like the designer’s house which is never the same for two months in a row.

I’m tired of this current theme:

  • too few words fit on a page
  • content starts too low … half-way down a page on a typical screen
  • it’s not cool/edgy/sexy/web 2.0 enough
  • it’s been a whole 4 months … I need something new!

So …. I’ll be moving to a new design in just few days. If you want a sneak peek, I’m using my low-traffic fishcrackers blog as a testbed while I work all the kinks out.

Since it may be helpful for others as well, I’ve listed 7 things to do when switching blog themes.

When switching your theme:

  1. back up your current blog: database and files. This is important – updating is tricky business and you need a known good downgrade path!
  2. choose/build a new theme (err … duh!)
  3. remove all the elements you don’t want … get rid of the clutter!
  4. customize the theme to your identity (colors, logo, name)
  5. ensure you have all the plugins ready that you want
  6. check if you have to revamp some of your static pages to fit the new theme
  7. test all the components of the theme and blog pages to ensure everything works. This is important – different themes contain different code, and you can’t assume they’ll just work.

Hopefully, I’ll have the site updates up this week. But I’ll be taking it slow … ensuring that everything is working, so that may change.

Change is good!

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