RSS via IM: feed crier

Just found Feed Crier – a very cool app to get new RSS feed items automatically sent to your favorite IM application. What a great idea.

If you use IM and this sounds interesting to you, you might want to check it out soon. “Pro” accounts, which let you add more than 3 feeds and normally cost $4/month, are now free.

(The marketing angle on that promo is that eventually the price will go back to $4, and at that point you’ll still get all your feeds for free, but won’t be able to add more. Which, of course, if you like the service, you eventually will. Ingenious.)

Shameless plug: you can try it right on bizhack … scroll down the sidebar, find the feeds section, enter your IM address, and hit Subscribe. Or just go to the feeds tab and do the same thing.

I’ll try this for a while and see if I like it in practice as much as I do in theory.

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