Made to stick … sticks

Not a single person has passed through my office and seen the cover of this book without touching it to see if, in fact, the cover has duct tape stuck to it:

made to stick

(It does not.) But it is bumpy and tactile, just as if it was.

And the book is very, very good.


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  • this has to be the most pathetic book cover i have ever seen, why the f*ck would anyone do this, seriously do they think people are stupid enough to buy this kind of sh*t?

  • Current Amazon sales rank is #122 …

    I’d say that people would do this in order to have a book cover that stands out and commands attention, and yes, people do buy it.

  • John,
    I also thought the cover was a cool idea. The book was definitely one of the best book on ideas and creativity that I have read in a long time. “Fact Company” has even picked up the Heath brothers to do a regular column in their magazine.