Kontera: creating in-text irrelevance

Checking the score on the big game? You must be looking to buy a football. Reading a review of a new movie? You must be interested in picking up a new flat-screen TV. Getting the news of a heavyweight boxer’s murder in Jamaica?

kontera.jpgYou must be interested in buying crayons for your restaurant.

You’ve run across Kontera – a contextual text-link pay-per-click network focused on “creating in-text relevance.” There’s only one problem: irrelevance.

When you focus on individual words as the unit of relevance, you generate irrelevance, as seen above. Only by focusing on the entire post, story, or page can you have a hope of generating anything but the most accidental form of relevance.

Such as an advertising network assuming that if you see the words “Don King” on a webpage, you must be interested in locating this individual.

kontera2.jpgPerhaps he’s a long-lost classmate. And it’ll only cost you $9.95.

. . .
. . .

Note: Kontera competitor Vibrant Media can probably be put in the same category.

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