Technorati just dumped 2000-4000 splogs

It’s really very nice to have your Technorati ranking jump 2000 spots in a day. But there’s something odd about it too. I think Technorati is weeding their index of blogs this week, and some interesting things are popping up.

Yesterday between noon and 9:00 PM:

  1. bizhack jumped from 14,800 to 12,330
  2. twopointouch jumped from 16,500 to about 12,500
  3. Chip’s Quips jumped from 35,000 to 28,712
  4. Orbit Now! jumped from 31,000 to 25,523

In my case, the number of reported inbound links and the number of blogs reported to be linked in has not changed, although I know some new blogs have linked to bizhack in the last week. I’m asking Ian Delaney, who runs twopointouch, if the same is true for him.

(Update: it’s not – Technorat is indexing his blog just fine right now)

However, what we might have here is a major effort by Technorati to clean its index of splogs, which might account for a less-than-satisfactory job of spidering existing blogs and updating them in their index … they have failed to take note of my last 15-20 posts, in spite of my pinging them.

If the numbers that I’m seeing and that Ian are seeing are correct, it’s possible seems likely that between 2000-4000 blogs were tossed out of the index – splogs, flogs, and who knows what else.


We need more data before we can make any really firm conclusions, though. Anyone else have similar experiences?

(Update: Please continue to post your experience below!)

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