Custom iPod skins by iFrogz

I bought the coolest iPod skin today … at the coolest store.

It’s iFrogz, and they sell iPod cases. But not just any iPod cases – custom iPod cases.

First you pick your iPod, then you pick your “wrap” color. The wrap color will be on the front and back of your iPod. You pick a band, which will go around your iPod, and, if you want, you pick a “screen.” The site is heavily Ajax-ed, so it’s fast and all happens on the same page.

Here’s the site:

See that iPod with the custom skin? That’s my custom skin, and here’s a close-up:

Did I mention this was fairly cool?

Here’s the best part: even though it’s custom, it’s still less than a standard 1-color iPod skin … about $30 versus $34.

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