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I’m trying to present business blogging as an opportunity to understand the marketplace at an unmentionable (as yet) company. Saw this today:

For us at Stormhoek, the blogosphere is useful as an idea incubator. Why? Because if you say something interesting, people talk about it. If you say something dull, people ignore it. And we take what we learn from interacting with other bloggers, and apply it to the more mundane world of supermarket aisles and wine importers. The new label designs initiative came directly out of this.

The blogosphere doesn’t get us sales, but it makes us much smarter salesmen.

Whoa. Makes me sit up and think.

Blogging has made me smarter – people know things I don’t, and they’re interacting with me here, and other places in the blogosphere. You know things I don’t, and you’re interacting with me right now – you’re making me smarter. (Hopefully, I’m not having the opposite effect on you!)

Now to bring that to the enterprise.

Imagine that: smarter companies. Clueful corporations. Marketing that doesn’t suck. Products that don’t bore.

Whoa. Now that would be different.

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