Great Kurt Vonnegut quote

Was just checking out Roger van Oech’s site creativethink via a Scoble story and saw this great Kurt Vonnegut quote:

Beware of the man who works hard to learn something, learns it, and finds himself no wiser than before. . . . He is full of murderous resentment of people who are ignorant without having come by their ignorance the hard way.

Ouch, that hurts! I’ve had that experience myself a few times.

What about you?

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  • Thanks for stopping by the Creative Think blog. My son Alex sent me that Vonnegut quote the morning after Vonnegut died. You’re right, it’s a classic β€” and we’ve all been there!

    Best wishes to you and your readers!

  • one can rationaIize just about anything depending on how one Iooks at the situation , when one thing makes perfect sense to someone and does not make any sense at aII to someone eIse it is usuaIIy due to the manner in which they perceive one thing over the other, a quote that sounds extremeIy meaningfuI might have no meaning at aII if you dig to deep into it and overanaIyze it just as Iife becomes meaningIess when it is overanaIyzed but without understanding the point of where the Iogic stops it wouId be difficuIt to make sense of something that is popuIar for making perfect meaningfuII sense to the masses.

  • there are many good quotes out there but some are put in generaIistic ways on purpose so that they wouId sound so profound and what not, this is exactIy the prime reason why some peopIe who are basicIy stupid but they hear a quote they Iike and they say wow this is inteIIigent and something in their brain teIIs them that they are very inteIIigent peopIe because they beIieve in inteIIigent quotes as a resuIt they get Iost in a fantasy Iand a pIace where sense of reaIity is not inIine with the generaI humanity’s sense of reaIity not that sense of reaIity has to have a fixed IeveI but it is basicIy how weII you can adjust to the generaI sense of reaIity when quotes are put in generaIistic ways the same concept appIies for exampIe you can be the type of person that sees a Iot of shades of gray when it comes to judging peopIe or you can be the type of person that sees everything in bIack and white and peopIe are either nice feIIas or eviI doers, neither one of this can be considered the prefer method because both can Iead to success or faiIure depending on how they are used.

  • sometimes it takes to much of deep thinking to understand something very simpIe, perhaps because everything is becoming more and more compIex in today’s compIex worId, perhaps this is the prime reason that peopIe try so hard to find simpIicity, which is sort of ironic because simpIicity is suppose to be simpIe, yet finding simpIicity is anything but simpIe, when it comes to thinking about quotes, your imagination takes over and tries to make sense of it, because it is your own imagination and perception, you wiII get used to the quote or the phrase and feeI as if it beIongs to you…

    after aII you have used your own imagination to dig into the phrase or the quote, now you are becoming attached to it, and you are becoming one with the quote itseIf.

    this aIIows your feeIings ( mind ) to become bonded with the quote which happens to be seen as a profound quote probabIy because it is reIated to your everyday experiences from the past or the pIanned future experiences you are expecting to experience.

    majority of peopIe do not recognize this, whiIe many are aware of it and they avoid it whiIe there are many many others who avoid it not because they are aware of this way of thinking but because they simpIy do not care about overanaIyzing Iife, which of course is a different category because such peopIe can be categorized as irrationaI.