Fastest hump in the west

This post is not about what you think it’s about.

Teresa and I recently bought a new mattress, as the old one was seriously mounding. Like, roll over and slide back down mounding. Like take your crampons and climbing ropes to bed with you mounding. OK, not quite that bad. But you get the picture.

We bought a Simmon’s Promenade mattress from Sleep Country Canada. It’s supposed to be nearly top-of-the-line … better gauge steel springs, separate pocket coils, built-in cushiony plush “high-loft pillowtop” blah, blah, blah, and at regular price it’s more than a nice large flatscreen TV.

Naturally, we got a good deal, or so we thought. But we were wrong, because 2 weeks later, there’s a definite hump between us and two very definite troughs. Not cool. Not comfortable. And, not good for my back.

Teresa did some further research, and found some who claimed that pillow-top mattresses are one of the biggest scams ever, because although the coils are fine, once the soft cushion on the top deforms to the shape of your body (a “comfort silhouette” in the euphemistic language of our mattress salesman) … you’re toast. So much for that mattress. Apparently some pillow-top mattress owners have even tried to cut it off of their mattress!

So … we’re probably returning the mattress in favor of a non-pillow-top mattress, and one that is firm. Hopefully that will not deform within 2 weeks of landing in our home.

The question as to which kind of mattress is better is hard to settle, and we can’t find definitive evidence either way. But comfort and back pain alone tell us that firmer and less “moulded” is better.

The question is, should we step up to a memory foam mattress, like a Tempur-Pedic. But that is a real step-up … as a king-size is something like $4500.

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