eWeek and iPhone: fear and loathing?

Is 3 negative articles in one day a coincidence?

Holy mother, what on earth is going on here?

Could it be an extremely Windows-centric empire of analysts and business media is absolutely terrified that their comfortable bread-and-butter Windows hegemony is dissolving in front of their eyes?

I guess Linux was bad enough – it wasn’t in the MSCE textbook but at least it was technical, and needed user handholding, and ensuring lots of expensive tech support and high-end analysis was required.

But Macintosh! Is iPhone at last the trojan horse that will take Apple into the enterprise, just like iPod has in the home? The very prospect has Windows weenies running scared:

After all, the horde carrying the forthcoming Apple phone won’t be barbarians; rather, the very folks doing the work, and worse, some may well be the boss.

IT departments like devices like Blackberry’s with centralized command and control. They hate things they don’t bring in, that they haven’t first subdued with strong corporate chains. And they fear Apples’ recent success.

Their fear is both justified and unjustified. On the one hand, corporations don’t change their systems and applications overnight. On the other hand, a real alternative is slowly taking shape.

However things go, this outpour of vitriol and epidemic of trembling knees is pathetic.


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  • eweek. newsfactor. macnewsworld. cnet. zdnet. business2.0. they all know who butters their bread. and it’s not a fruit.

    only computerworld and infoworld seem willing buck the trend and have articles with multiple viewpoints.