Clipblast: well that sucked

If Scoble says it’s good, it’s usually worth a look. So when Scoble says that ClipBlast is a “killer video search engine”, I thought I’d check it out.

One thing I’ve been looking for lately is video footage of Alexander Ovechkin’s lying-on-the-ice backhander goal from last year. We’re talking ice-hockey, in case you’re wondering.

Here’s what ClipBlast gives me:


That contrasts rather poorly with plain old Google:

google video search

The first two results are direct links to the video; the other results are directly related.

Not very “killer” to me.

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  • Hi John,
    Try that search again, or shorten it to “Alexander Ovechkin goal”. Be sure to turn the User Video Filter OFF and see if you get better results.


  • Hey Gary,

    “Alexander Ovechkin goal” is exactly what I searched on – check the search box in those screenshots.

    Turning user video filter off did get MUCH better results – thanks. But why did I get such unrelated garbage with user videos on?

  • The search results are broader and include things that are related, or include combinations of the words in the phrase. One method we have enabled to narrow the effectiveness for our users is to Filter and Sort.

  • also and have great results without having to set filters so whats the point of this?