Boone is back

Dave is blogging again.

I guess once you’ve had your first hit, you’re hooked.

I see that, as of 30 minutes ago, he is not at home. Bad boy, cool app.

My only question, Dave, is: why Movable Type? Was it preinstalled or something? WordPress is clearly superior (ok, I’m somewhat biased) and certainly much cooler.


Want weekly updates? Of course you do …


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  • Actually, I hadn’t had the opportunity to watch the app work from behind the computer yet, so I placed it in a truck today and obsessive-compulsively clicked the Refresh button. It typically updated every 30 seconds while in the city, and never longer than every 5-10 minutes while on the highway.

    And Movable Type because.. I dunno, maybe I’ll try WordPress some time 🙂