Bronfman: We want a piece

So Edgar Bronfman (the guy for whom the statement the best way to make a small fortune is to start with a big fortune could have been created) wants a piece of iPod sales:

Mr. Bronfman said the music industry should not have to use its content to promote the sale of digital music devices for Apple or anyone else, and not truly share in the profits.

“We are selling our songs through iPod, but we don’t have a share of iPod’s revenue,” he said. “We want to share in those revenue streams. We have to get out of the mindset that our content has promotional value only.

So he wants a piece of CD players too? What about car stereos? Maybe speakers? Speaker wire, for sure.

I don’t want to use the words that would adequately describe this jamoke on this website – my kids read it.

If you keep reading the Red Herring article that the above quote is from, you get this interesting piece:

“We have to keep thinking how we are going to monetize our product for our shareholders,” added Mr. Bronfman. “We are the arms supplier in the device wars between Samsung, Sony, Apple, and others.”

And we thought he was a music label. Interesting.

If I was a group, band, or artist in his label, and I was anything approaching a serious group (i.e. I wasn’t a pre-packaged air-brushed focus-grouped fluffy piece of nothing), I would get out fast.