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  • Oh man, I would stay away from that company you listed. They offer a “small” 2GB of storage, but charge an overage of $0.50 per MB… YES, MEGABYTE! While their bandwidth fees are low, everything else is priced too high.

    I think the best model (and no one has done it yet) is to allow people to “buy” hard drive space. For example, 30GB would cost $19.99 for a ONE TIME FEE. You then pay only bandwidth, or $4.99/month. That’s it – $4.99 per month for 30GB of storage (and transfer), that’s what I would consider cheap. If you’re not big into accessing alot of files, that price could technically reach $0.00.

    Going a step further, why limit web-based storage to PC’s? With WiMax coming up, other things can benefit from having 30GB of storage (not to mention having all of your data in once place). Want to share those thousands of photos you took the other day, just flip open your cellular phone… How about log in to your friends Tivo and show him the latest movie you just saved? Or, how about stream that very Tivo video from your cellular phone? The possibility is endless.

    Web-based storage is the future, there just needs to be one central way for a person to go from *device* >> *storage drive* without needing to know anything but their username and password. That would mean a person could use ANY service (Amazon S3, Google GDrive, or the expensive CacheFly).

  • Thanks for posting and letting us know! I wasn’t going to use them myself, but apparently Scoble uses them. Perhaps they have an “enterprise” rate.