Aww shucks …

Leo Bottary at Client Service Insights said some really complementary things about this blog today. Thanks – and I’m humbled.

I’m in awe of blogs like bizhack, for example. John Koetsier teaches me something new about the medium nearly every day. And there are certainly other blogs that fall into this category as well.

The most important thing I can bear in mind about the world we live and do business in today is that the only constant is change. Which means that we are all learning, all the time. My goal is simply to keep learning.

The only certainty is that I’ll make mistakes. Say something wrong. Misplace a fact. Underestimate a trend. Dispell a rumor that turns out to be true.

But I refuse to stop thinking, talking, drawing conclusions, writing … out of fear of error. That way lies paralysis.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
– Wayne Gretzky

What I will do is be open, honest, humble, admit mistakes – and correct them when I make them.

To me, that’s the beauty and the magic of blogging.

. . .
. . .

(By the way, Leo has some great insights of his own. In particular, I thought his best client service lesson ever was one of those great foundational principles that we need to embed in our bones before we’ll ever, ever be able to understand what great client service is for our specific clients. Hint: truly understand the client first!)

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