Working anywhere, anytime: what’s next for remote work

One of my new clients for 2021 is Braintrust, a company that is reinventing the future of work by taking the mechanics of the gig economy to the longer-term, higher-value freelance and contract marketplace … all in a user-owned ecosystem that lets people keep 100% of what they earn.

And, lets the people who freelance via Braintrust earn BTRUST tokens and help manage and guide the marketplace.

My latest post for Braintrust just went live: Working anywhere, anytime: what’s next for remote work.

An excerpt:

On Thursday, March 19, 2020, something seemingly insane was happening. Something almost unfathomable. Something revolutionary, even.

58% of American knowledge workers were working from home.

Almost three out of every five.

On an average day in an average week in an average year — say 2019 — 27% would access at least one corporate system at least once a day from a remote location. On weekends, since Americans are workaholics, that number would typically rise to 43%. But clearly COVID warped reality and broke the rules and changed our understanding of “normal,” resulting in 58% of white collar American working from bedrooms, home offices, kitchen tables, and other non-office locations.

Our understanding of “normal” changed, very quickly.

And perhaps, forever.

Check out the whole post on Braintrust’s blog