Everything you wanted to know about Rovio’s iOS 14 mobile user acquisition infrastructure

I had an amazing opportunity recently: to moderate a webinar with top data scientists, developers, and marketing executives from Rovio for my client Singular. The topic: how Rovio is adapting its marketing and user acquisition strategies in iOS 14.

iOS 14, of course, is ushering in the era of privacy-safe marketing measurement on mobile. Apple is offering the SKAdNetwork framework which tells you which ads worked, but doesn’t provide user-level or device level data. In other words: without permission, you can’t use device identifiers like the IDFA to track people around the mobile ecosystem.

It’s a massive change, and marketers are kind of freaking out. And … they’re not close to being ready.

So it’s a big deal when Rovio shares their thinking, infrastructure, strategy, and technology stack that will power their mobile marketing in the iOS 14 era. This is Rovio, after all. We’re talking a development and publishing house with literally billions of app installs, feature movies, plushies, and much much more.

So the webinar was cool, but clearly … there were questions.

We had dozens, and we just answered them on the Singular blog, where you can check them out 🙂