UA in iOS 14: What to expect and how to get ready

iOS 14 is here. IDFA is on its way out. Is your user acquisition strategy ready? Join me for a webinar with industry experts to help marketers prepare for user acquisition post-IDFA.

Specifically, we will be answering questions about:

  • What attribution and measurement will look like post-IDFA
  • How the changes will impact monetization and growth partners
  • How to adapt your user acquisition strategy, particularly reporting and optimization
  • And any other questions you have! Just register to attend and receive instructions on how to submit your topic to the panel

I’ll be moderating, and the expert panel will include:

  • Gadi Eliashiv, CEO Singular
  • Gonçalo Alemão Martins, Lead User Acquisition & Monetization, Homa Games
  • Yevgeny Peres, VP Growth, IronSource
  • Patrick McGrath, Product Manager, Growth Platforms, Lyft

The webinar is tomorrow, August 12, at 10AM Pacific, but will be available on-demand at any point after that.

Register for the webinar right here …