Guest on NPR Houston’s Career Frontier: working from home

NPR guest working from home

This was kinda cool: I had the chance to be a guest on NPR Houston on working from home. (I better be a bit of an expert on that by now … it’s been close to a decade.)

It’s episode three in a series titled “Career Frontier: Exploring Success in a Changing World.” It’ll be broadcasting and streaming this week, so you’re able to get it whether you’re in Texas or anywhere else in the world.

The specific topic of our session: Working from home: survive and thrive.

With more than double the number of people working from home now over a year ago, what have we learned about this unexpected and ongoing experiment? And after the dust settles, will WFH be a permanent part of our lives?

The other guest on the episode is Dr. Jane Delgado, Ph.D. President and CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health. Together we discuss how this new landscape could impact you.

When I get a link to the streaming version, I’ll add it here.