It’s New Year’s Eve, although it’s very early in the morning.

At the end of one year and the beginning of a new we often think of new year’s resolutions: things we will do better, things we will start, things we will stop. I’m thinking of something to start, and I’m going to call it “now-ness.”

I am horrible at living now. At enjoying today, experiencing the present.

I have always lived in the future tense. Working towards something. Looking forward to a coming state. Dreaming of a better tomorrow.


I want to live now. I want to love now. I want to see now. I want to touch now. I want to speak now. I want to work now. I want to create now. I want to serve now. I want to learn now. I want to live now. I want to be now.

God has blessed me with a wonderful wife. Three absolutely amazing children. An intriguing job. A home and vehicles. A strong and close family. Super coworkers, and too many more things to count.

It’s time to change.

Resolved: Today before tomorrow.
Resolved: People before things.
Resolved: Mission before margin.