Christmas dinner for 25

A few days ago we had Christmas dinner for 25: two turkeys, one extra-large ham, a massive pot of applesauce, and much, much more.

It was at my sister Renee and her husband Jeroen’s house. That’s Jeroen at the end of the table(s) …

table setting for 25

Jeroen is an artist who has created many beautiful paintings (including the 5′ x 8′ painting in the background of this pic of my iPod).

Here’s one he’s working on right now:

jeroen vermeulen painting

Jeroen has done work in other media as well, including furniture design. Here’s a concrete and steel table he constructed this summer:

concrete and metal table

One of my favorite pieces in his house is a massive multi-ton stone sculpture by Jeroen’s sister, Lika Mutal:

lika mutal stone sculpture

(Lika is an internationally renowned sculptor.)

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