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I have this shockingly bad habit of saving browser windows in tabs in the Mac OS X dock for days on end, unable to get rid of them until I’ve done something with them.

Sometimes I can get away with sending them to del.icio.us. Other times I just have to blog them. This is one of those cases …

5 Reasons Why Enthusiasm is Better than Confidence
Scrumptiously delicious brainfood … and good reasons to distrust confidence. A must-read.

  1. Confidence is about you – enthusiasm is about your subject
  2. Confidence is about you (again) – enthusiasm is about others
  3. Confidence is impressive – enthusiasm is infectious
  4. Confidence is certain – enthusiasm is creative
  5. Confidence is serious – enthusiasm is fun

The most compelling parts of Seth Godin’s The Big Moo
OK, I won’t re-list them. Just go check ’em out. Then you’ll probably want to buy the book, too.

. . .
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Phew, that feels so much better. Now I can kill my browser window.

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