Post with pix (or, how to make your blog more popular)

Somewhere, I forget where, I read that blogs that have pictures for each post are more popular. Since I know I read it on the internet, and everything on the internet is true, that’s precisely what I’m trying.

(I think it just makes everything look better, to be honest. It’s just a little easier on the eyes.)

So I’ve been looking for places to get appropriate photos. Unless you have hundreds of thousands of photos, you probably don’t have enough for every possible blog post. And, even though I have over 10,000 photos in my iPhoto library, do you think they’re nicely tagged, sorted, keyworded, and therefore searchable? Think again.

I checked out stock.xchng, which is cheap. Some photos are free, others cost one or more credits, which you can buy. However, the photo library does not have a photo for every possible need, and I have a constitutional aversion to paying for things when I don’t have to.

Instead, I’m using Flickr.

Nothing compares to the tagging and indexing that dedicated Flickr members (including myself) tag their photos. Which is wonderful, since things are easy to find.

Such as Santa Claus. Or military ship. Or iceberg.

Most people, including myself, put their photos up on Flickr entirely or mostly free of restrictions. So it’s easy, free, and high quality. Flickr hosts the photos, and I, in turn, link to them.

Which makes a great bargain.

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  • I never thought about to pic or not to pic, because i am in such a visual field anyway. Adding the photo’s or drawings wasn’t a decision . . . it was mandatory.