Podcasts: mine and for clients

I currently host and produce four podcasts: two of my own, and two for clients. (Interested in sponsoring one? Contact me.)

Interested in help with your podcasting program?
Contact me about running a podcast program — and unlocking 10X the value of a standalone podcast — for your brand. It’s turnkey for you, aligned to your business strategy, and provides a huge amount of multimedia content for your lead generation, content marketing, and social media marketing programs.

Sponsor a podcast?
Currently, TechFirst and Retention Masterclass are available for sponsoring. Contact me for packages and details.

Future39 with John Koetsier

Infinite possible futures

Peek at one of our infinite possible futures every week in Future39. I interview futurists, technologists, and founders for my book Insights from the Future. Subscribe to hear from the people creating the futures we will all inhabit.

TechFirst with John Koetsier

Deep dives into consumer tech, smart home, IoT

I write at Forbes about tech. TechFirst is you riding along with me during video interviews for my stories. In other words … you’ll hear it here first, and you’ll get the straight goods before they hit Forbes.

Growth Masterminds (client: Singular)

Growth, martech, adtech


Get up close and personal with the smartest people in mobile, marketing, and all things growth. In association with Singular.

Retention Masterclass (with Peggy Anne Salz)

Customer retention, mobile retention


Learn the secrets of mobile retention and customer retention from the best minds on the planet.