Podcasting dead, long live Zunecasting!

I swear, Apple Legal does its level best every single day to do whatever it can in every way to do the maximum possible damage to Apple Computers Inc.

How can ostensibly smart people – I mean, they passed the bar, right – be so absolutely, abysmally, galactically stupid?

Now they want to take over “podcasting.” Find the details at Calacanis’ blog, the Wired blog, Scobleizer, ZDnet, and MacNewsWorld .

“Podcasting” as a term for personal audio publishing online is a term that does nothing but good for Apple, the iPod, and the whole iPod economy. Conversely, coming down with the legal fireworks ticks off potential clients, alienates Apple Computer Inc., and provides fodder for rivers of bad press.

Imagine the alternative: Zunecasting.

Perhaps Apple would prefer that?

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  • I think you’ll find they don’t object to podcasting but the use of ‘pod’ in company, product and service names that have something to do with MP3 players.

    Apple loves podcasting just not things like ‘iPodder’.