Never accept another project. Unless …

I have firmly decided to never again accept another project. Ever. Unless, that is, certain parameters are met:

  1. Project definition
    What do you want to do? In detail. Why?

  2. Project scope
    When will this end?
    (Can be either time or accomplishment based.)

  3. Project outcome
    What defines success for this project?

  4. Project deliverables
    What do you want to see as an output of this project? (Similar to project outcome, but not exactly the same.)

  5. Project resources
    Who, what, time, money … and so forth.

Having those, I can make a good estimate of time required and chance of success. Absent these, who really knows?

And having those, I have a built-in tracking device that tells me how I’m doing. Am I half complete or just starting? A quick check at the deliverables will reveal everything I need to know.

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