Recently on my bookshelf …

A list of books I’ve read recently, along with a very short pass/fail recommendation:

  1. Gregory Benford’s In the Ocean of Night
    Pass – not up to his usual standards.

  2. Stephen Baxter’s Exultant
    Baxter is always mind-blowingly amazing.

  3. Beyond Flesh
    A compilation of short science fiction stories – very, very good.

  4. Through Gates of Splendor
    The story of Elisabeth Elliot and 4 missionaries who died in Ecuador. Source for the movie End of the Spear. Very good!

  5. Canadians Behind Enemy Lines by Roy Maclaren
    WWII retrospective of Canadians in German-occupied Europe. Good, a bit draggy.

  6. Voices of a War Remembered by Bill McNeil
    Simple true stories of Canadians in WWII – very good.
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