Is Technorati broken?

Viewing your blog’s links and ranking on Technorati is often a bewildering experience. I was reminded of this when I read this post, claiming that Technorati is broken, on WeBreakDigg.

There are a number of things about Technorati that I don’t understand:

  • Numbers weirdness
    72 blogs link to your site, which is more than the 65 that linked to your site last week, but the top new links are the same old ones that you’ve seen for a month.

  • Link weirdness
    A blog links to your site, according to Technorati, but when you go to that blog, there’s no link visible. You check, doublecheck, view source and search … and there’s no way that a link to your blog is on that site. (Example: this site supposedly links to my blog.

  • Missing link weirdness
    Someone links to you, and you know know that they did, because they tell you that they did, and because you see their link, but somehow Technorati doesn’t – for 9 months. Then all of a sudden it does show up … listed in Technorati as being added “4 days ago.”

  • More numbers weirdness
    When you check one day, there are 84 links to your site. The next day, it’s back down to 61. It doesn’t seem plausible that 20 or more all of sudden passed the 6-month expiry date.

  • Redirection weirdness
    You move blogs, and redirect the old blog’s traffic to the new one – Technorati doesn’t seem to notice, doesn’t apply the old links to the new blog, doesn’t remove the old blog from the listings.

  • Even more numbers weirdness
    One day, you have 50 links. You see the first few of those links in the list. The next day, you come back, and there’s a different, new site that you’ve never seen before in the list of sites linking to you. But, amazingly, you still have only 50 links.

I’d love to hear an explanation. Anyone? The recent update didn’t seem to fix anything …

[ update August 30 ]

This is a test link to What’s Next Blog … see comments below for an explanation.

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