[ updated below; MySpace is having issues ] [ updated again August 6th; MySpace has finally fixed them – see comment at end ] [ updated yet again December 1, 2006; still buggy, but there’s a solution. See Laura’s comment way down at the bottom of the page ]

Apparently I am too stupid to join MySpace.

Huh. This is an odd one. I have my own blog on my own server with a WordPress install that I’ve installed and a theme that I’ve customized. I’ve built two (very small) content management systems in PHP, including one that was essentially a blog in 1996 or so.

But I can’t join MySpace

I was about to throw in the towel, hold my nose, and do a quick land-grab … ensuring I had a digital toe-hold in the busiest and hottest social networking site around. But I’ve been saved from my own rashness by a broken login system.

I’m sure it usually works. In fact, I know it does because a few months ago, I created a profile on MySpace for a brand that I’m working on. (It’s still dark because we’re not quite ready to release it.) So it worked for me once – just not today.

Gotta love that error message in the patented MySpace StickAllTheWordsTogetherAndItWillBeCool style: LoginErrorMessage30.

Arrghhh ….

[ update July 29 ]

While trying to figure this out on a different machine, I logged into MySpace with another account (not a personal one) that I had created months ago. While doing so, I saw this page:

Either MySpace is having major issues, or the page is coded for a specific browser that is supposed to interpret something in the place of those strings. (“String” is programming language for a word or a phrase).

I use Flock mainly, a Firefox variant, but the same thing shows up in Safari and Firefox. If the same error shows up in all of those three browsers, it’s got to be a programming error. Which means that MySpace is doing something incredibly stupid … and not me.


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  • LOL.

    I guess the only thing I’ll say here is that whatever we say is not only a comment on what we’re talking about, it’s also a comment on who we are.

    In fact, often what we say is more revealing about ourselves than about the thing we’re actually talking about.

  • I’m getting the same error msg (LoginErrorMessage30) too! I sent them an email, but so far no response. If anyone has a solution to this, I would appreciate it. Thanks


  • Yeah, I f***ed around with it for awhile and actually got it to go from “LoginErrorMessage30” to “LoginErrorMessage10” so, maybe I’m getting somewhere…

  • I’m getting it too! It’s pissing me off so much…

    I’ve tried changing everything, I even made a new email to see if that worked. it didnt.

  • Add me to the list of LoginErrorMessage30 victims. Is this a Mac thaing? I’m on a G5 running 10.4.6.

  • Or maybe MySpace is just discriminating against Canadians. I just noticed you’re in Vancouver, John. I’m in Toronto.

  • I am also Canadian and getting the dreaded LoginErrorMessage30. I think it is a conspiracy and I fully blame Stephen Harper.

  • Must be a Canadian thing: I get the same error message, and I live in Toronto. Whenever I attempt to sign up, all the country names are missing from the list for some reason, regardless of what browser I open the page in.
    This is just ridiculous!

  • Same thing here…i’m getting a “LoginErrorMessage30″…on top of that, I can’t specify from which country I am because the field is blank! i’m from mtl…

  • I sent this email to I guess we’ll have to wait and see if they figure it out.


    I’ve been trying to sign up to and keep getting LoginErrorMessage10 and sometimes LoginErrorMessage8.
    Apparently I’m not the only one and it seems to be happening mostly/only with Canadians.

    Please let me know if you figure this out.



  • this bla bla bla error is totally SUCKS!it’s pissing me off…i merely ripped off my monitor because of it.

  • OK, back from vacation and now MySpace has *finally* fixed that error …

    My profile is finally up and now I have to figure out what I want to do with it …

    Obviously, a LOT of people have been affected by this issue – I’m amazed that it took MySpace so long to fix it.

  • stupid error! I went nuts tryin to figure it out then I searched the error on the net and found out that Im not the only one its screwin with…

  • Trust me, this isn’t a Canadian only thing. I am in THE PHILIPPINES! I’m not Filipino, but American, and while traveling here my friend invited me to join MySpace. Every time I try to create a profile i get LoginErrorMessage10. And the country list is empty and you can’t select anything, which might indeed be what 10 is, no country selected. Wow, and this is supposed to be the hottest site on the net? What a joke! Great way to get new members! (And I’ve tried this for a few weeks now, so they’ve had PLENTY of time to fix any glitches)

  • I can’t understand why John Koetsier keepso n defending myspace? He doesn’t even bother to lie telling everyone that (1) it’s already fixed; (2) myspace has no idea about the error;

    Either is closing or John Koetsier is the company’s lier.

  • Jho Est:

    Read the article and the comments. I am not defending MySpace.

    Ummm … both of the comments you’ve labeled #1 and #2 above cannot be true.

  • Sorry about that Jhn. I guess I’m just too pissed off about that error that I said those things. Anyway, I still haven’t checked if it’s ok now. I’ll og there now and let you guys know.

    Again, my apoologies to John.

  • Im getting the same login error message, tried 2 different email adresses, different name, password etc and the same damn message keeps appearing !!!! AAAAAAAAAAAArrrghhh somebody please help !
    Could it be something to do with Norton Internet Security ?

    Also its not just singling out canadians (so dont worry) im in UK !

  • To be real honest I think the entire MySpace application is a steaming pile of crap … which is why anything worth doing takes 3 times as many clicks as it should, why they have technical issues all the time, why it’s really really slow, and why they have login problems quite often.

  • this has 2 be 1 of the most anoyin things ever! mine dont say loginerrormessage wtva, it says “There was an error processing your request, please try again.” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!evry frikin time too. i must have tried like 50 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im frm the U.K btw guys

  • Won’t take my Canadian Postal Code, keeps tellin me to enter a valid one

    I have tried it with the space and without…

    F*** MYSPACE

  • I am also having the same problem as Scott and J. It keeps on telling me to add a valid postal code.

  • Ok this was really weird, I actually typed in 6 random numbers instead of my real postal code and it worked.
    Scott and J you might want to try that, it might work for you too.

  • I’ve been having the same error u all got.
    Don’t report those error msgs caus technical support is SHIT. They’ve just got auto-response e-mails, it’s just a waist of time and patience.

    I entered that i lived in the US, entered a 6 zip code digit and it worked out.
    After i went to profile edit and changed it for Canada, and a canadian zip code.

    Thats it.

  • I put in that I’m in the united states and 90210 is my postal code (I live in canada and it’s the only american code I know) 🙂

    it worked.

  • Everytime i try to login to my account on myspace i get the error message page cannot be displayed, ive tryed logging in to two different account on two different computers and still get the same problem. im using IE7 and have tryed on IE6 and Firefox same problem on all of them. what do i do.

  • For about 4 days now on my computer only it says page cannot be displayed when i click login. i have tryed all 3 of my myspaces and none of them worked. i made a new one real quick, signed out, then tryed to sign back in but same thing. it happened one night when i was on my home page for myspace and i clicked view all friends to go leave somebody a comment when it told me page cannot be displayed so i clicked back and they logged me out and ever since then i could not log back in. i can log in on a friends computer down the street, i can log in on another friends computer who lives a lil further away from me, and my friend from florida and a friend from illinois can log me in. it seems to only be my computer 🙁 ive tryed EVERYTHING to try and fix this but nothing worked.. what should i do ?? 🙁

  • Yeah i get this breaking message too!!!
    Can’t believe how rubbish myspace is!!! I thought it was meant to be popular.

  • It’s giving me a bunch of bullshit too, I was able to access my blog and it says that I’m online? How the logged in? I havent been able to login for two days now! I keep geting the stupid ‘page cannot be dispalyed’ shit and when I tried to go on my sister’s compuetr it did the same thing and now she cant access Myspace either!