GUST … Timothy Johnson’s at it again

Just opened a package in the mail – it’s Timothy Johnson’s new GUST: the “Tale” Wind of Office Politics.

Where does the guy get the time? It seems like just a few months ago that he came out with Race Through the Forest: a Project Management Fable.

Very cool … I’ll be reading it in the next week or so and post some thoughts. Thanks, Tim!

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FYI here’s Tim’s blog post announcing the book. And if you’re wondering what GUST stands for, here’s his explanation:

GUST is an acronym to describe a process of approaching office politics:

  • Game – figure out what is being manipulated and the source of friction
  • Understand – determine what is behind the players, the behaviors, and the motivations
  • Strategize – establish an approach that will get you as close to win-win as possible
  • Take Action – get your ducks in a row as you implement your political strategy
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